Cookies ship the best, because of their longer shelf-life. We make them fresh on a daily basis and
when wrapped, they have a shelf-life of up to three weeks. They also hold up well during transport.
Shipping is by USPS or UPS ground. Generally, it takes 1 business day in the NY area, and up to
3-4 business days to Florida or California.  Faster shipping available at higher rates.
For a 2lbs cookie tray shipped anywhere in the continental US, the cost is $53.
Bigger sizes are  $14 per pound, plus $25 per shipping box.
Other items that ship well are rasperry rafts, chocolate, almond ,and raspberry pastries, Mondel
bread, and Whoopie Pies.
Any questions call us @ 516 694-6835
or email                                 
merritt bakery